Support the Library

Thank you for your interest in supporting the School of Theology Library! Our main mission is to support the Boston University School of Theology, but we are open to all, including BU undergraduates, graduate students, alumni, scholars from other Boston Theological Institute schools, scholars from other Boston Library Consortium institutions, visiting scholars, and the general public.

Financial Donations

campaign for bu

If you wish to further the mission of our library through a financial donation, you can submit donations at:

The Campaign for Boston University

Remember to specify your donation is to the “Theology Library” at the bottom of the page.

Power, Privilege, and Prophetic Witness Collection

With the Class Gift donation of 2016, the School of Theology Library started building a collection based on the class theme power, privilege, and prophetic witness. The library has already built on that base with new purchases and seeks to expand it in the future. With your donation for this collection, we welcome suggestions for purchases! If you are interested in helping us add to this collection, follow the directions to donate to the Library Fund above, and indicate “PPPW” in the comments line, along with the book information.

Donation of Items

If you have library material donations and were considering donating them to the School of Theology Library, first of all, thank you! Please note the following:

  1. We can only accept donations of material in “good” or better condition (this means no loose pages, broken binding on books, no scratches on DVDs, etc.).
  2. Donated material should help support the School of Theology curriculum and research.
  3. We cannot offer tax receipts for items. If you require documentation of your gift, we can merely provide a letter stating that you donated books to our library.
  4. We cannot come and pick-up items.

After donations are made, the final disposition of the donated items rests with the library staff. These may include:

  1. Sending donations to another library.
  2. Giving items to current students.
  3. Sale of items in a book sale or via a used book dealer.
  4. Recycling unusable items (usually only for items in poor condition, missing pages, without covers, etc.).

Once again, thank you wholeheartedly for your donations and continued support of the School of Theology Library.