Filming & Photography

The STH Library has recently adopted new policies regarding photography and filming within the library during open hours. Please read the “terms and conditions” section of the form below to see our new policies.

Filming/Photography Permission Request Form

If you would like to request permission to photograph or film inside the BU STH Library, please submit this form and you will receive a reply within 1-3 business days. For questions or concerns, please contact our Head Librarian, Amy Limpitlaw, at

Name of the Responsible Party(Required)
By filling out this form, you agree to all conditions below and assume responsibility for the photography/filming session, including the actions of others within the group.
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Ex: STH, COM, etc.

Information about the Requested Session

The STH Library has chosen to limit filming and photography sessions to the following times: on Fridays, Saturdays, and early weekday mornings (8a-10a Mondays-Thursdays).
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Start Time Requested(Required)
End Time Requested(Required)
Type of Session(Required)

Ex: "COM CM511."
At this time only the northeast side of the STH Library, between the reference desk and archives, is available for filming. Please indicate if you will need to film: the main aisle, within the shelving, by the windows, by the reference desk, or in the back corner of this area.
Please describe the project and what your plans are for this space during the requested date/time. Please also include why you chose this specific area of the library (lighting, needed books, furniture placement, etc.)
Will this project be published in any way?(Required)
Please check all that apply:
If you plan to publish to a publicly accessible webpage, platform, or news outlet. Examples: "WBUR," "NBC Boston," "@bostonu on Instagram," "," etc.