Academic Programs

About the Courts Where You Will Practice

Students in the Criminal Law Clinics gain their experience serving as either defense or prosecuting attorneys in the following Boston area courts:

Boston Municipal Court

A setting for students working as defense attorneys, Boston Municipal Court is the primary court for the city's civil and criminal cases. Students assigned to these cases learn that what may seem like straightforward categories of cases evolve into very interesting scenarios. Students may represent clients in court or negotiate a plea.

Boston Juvenile Court

Student defense attorneys are also assigned to the Boston Juvenile Court, which is the primary court for juvenile/youthful offenders arrested in Boston. Students working in this area are exposed to the challenges, as well as the rewards, of representing young clients. Collaborating with the city's social service agencies, students defend clients charged with a variety of offenses and help young clients understand the consequences of their behavior.

Quincy District Court

Located in Quincy, Massachusetts, only a few miles from downtown Boston, Quincy District Court serves as the primary site for student prosecutors. In this clinic, there is a strong emphasis on acquiring the skills of a good prosecutor, with a focus on trial preparation and presentation. Many students have had the chance to draft appellate briefs, in addition to prosecuting cases in court.