Address energy, water & other environmental issues.

Complete an environmental-law related legal project for a Boston-based environmental law organization. Projects will vary in scope and content based on student interest and the needs of the partnering organization. In Spring 2017, students worked on environmental law projects on behalf of the Conservation Law Foundation and Alternatives for Community and Environment. Project topics may include clean energy, water regulation, and environmental justice, which concerns the intersection of civil rights, fundamental fairness, and environmental policy.

You will be in regular contact with an attorney supervisor at the host organization, who will provide guidance and answer questions.  Additionally, you and your classmates will participate in six faculty-supervised discussions of your projects in sessions that are akin to a “learning laboratory.” At the end of the semester, you will make an oral presentation to the organization and submit a written report.

You will receive 1 to 3 credits depending on the nature of the project and as determined at the outset of the semester.  Each credit requires a minimum fifty hours of work.

The Environmental Law Practicum is taught by Professor Pam Hill. The Practicum is offered in the spring and fall.