Environmental studies in Israel, across political boundaries: Arava Institute

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April 3rd, 2014

The Arava Institute for Environmental Studies is an environmental academic and research program in southern Israel, and the only institution which brings together students from around the world, from countries such as America, Israel, Palestine, and Jordan to cooperatively study the region’s environmental challenges. Accredited by Ben-Gurion University, the Arava Institute houses academic programs,research centers, and cross border initiatives on a range of environmental and social justice concerns.

At the Arava Institute, coexistence is a way of life. The student body consists of about one third each of participants from North America and Europe; Israel (Arabs and Jews); and Jordan and Palestine. The motto of the Arava Institute, “Nature Knows No Borders,” reflects its guiding ideology that environmental problems can only be addressed in a regional context and from a cross-border, cooperative perspective.

The Arava Institute offers a one or two-semester study abroad program. The academic program is interdisciplinary with a trans-boundary approach to the environmental challenges of the region and the world. Students can choose from a rich and varied range of courses in environmental sciences, policy, and ethics. Field studies and outdoor expeditions across the region complement the curriculum. The Arava Institute also offers an internship program.

Students live in dormitories with students from the Middle East, America, and around the world. The Arava Institute is located on Kibbutz Ketura, a traditional Israeli living community.

To learn more, visit the Arava Institute website at www.arava.org
Or contact Sarah Rubin in the Boston-based student outreach office at Sarah@friendsofarava.org or (617) 266-7100