Security Presentations

The following trainings are self-guided online trainings. If you would like to setup a guided presentation of this training please contact

BU Security Awareness Presentation Information at your fingertips: think about everything you use your computer for: banking, shopping, paying your bills, etc. Then consider how much of your personal information is involved in those transactions: social security number, name, address, medical information, etc. Now imagine the amount of personal information, sensitive information, Boston University collects on students, faculty, and staff.

Securing Your Digital Life There’s our life and there’s our digital life. Do you know how to protect your computer against infiltration? How about securing your mobile device? What other potential threats should you be aware of? This presentation is about the information and knowledge that can empower you to take action to protect your digital life thus making it harder for hackers to mount attacks against you.

BU Data Protection Standards This presentation is an overview of the structure of the various documents that make up the Data Protection Standards for the protection and management of information entrusted to Boston University.