How will you celebrate? Actions you can take today: 

  • VISIT the NEW Terrier Cybersecurity Checkup for important security information on your BU account including your Duo Two-Factor devices, password age, & breaches associated with your BU email: *login requires Duo two-factor
  • UPDATE your BU password! Make it unique, like no other password you have, and consider using a passphrase or string of words: Passw0rdsareImport@nt! (don’t use that one!) To change your BU password:
  • EXPLORE a password manager to help maintain all of your online accounts. Some widely used products are: 1Password, Apple’s iCloud Keychain, KeePass, and LastPass. If you have questions or support concerns, contact the software vendor directly as this is only a recommendation and not supported by Boston University.

Need more? Check out this tutorial on strong passwords: 

BU’s Password Best Practices & Guidance:

Online Security is more important than ever, and strong passwords are essential for keeping them safe.

What is one action you will take today?