The following trainings are self-guided online trainings. If you would like to setup a guided presentation of this training please contact

Information security Awareness: Cybersecurity Foundations (Terrier eDevelopment course) The goal of this training is to empower and equip you with the knowledge necessary to take an active role in the protection and preservation of University data. Security awareness training aims to align our community with Boston University security best practices, reduce risks and incidents, and support one another in our mission of securing our data. This training will take approximately 20-25 minutes to complete. 

Information Security Awareness: Phishing (Terrier eDevelopment course) An interactive phishing training on the Terrier eDevelopment platform (estimated training time: 15-20 minutes)

Phishing Training A self-guided phishing training accessible to students, faculty and staff.

Information security Awareness: Data Privacy & Access Management (Terrier eDevelopment course) A short course on Data privacy, Access Management, and a review of the Access to Electronic Information Policy. This training will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete 

Ransomware Guide A guide for learning more about what ransomware is and how to protect yourself.

BU Security Awareness Presentation Information at your fingertips: think about everything you use your computer for: banking, shopping, paying your bills, etc. Then consider how much of your personal information is involved in those transactions: social security number, name, address, medical information, etc. Now imagine the amount of personal information, sensitive information, Boston University collects on students, faculty, and staff.

Information Security Basics for New Kerberos Accounts This presentation goes over the importance of keeping data safe at Boston University. It goes over the classification of data and general security requirements for classified data.


BU Cybersecurity 101: Check out Boston University Security 101 a guide for protecting yourself and educating your team on cybersecurity best practices including multifactor authentication.

Terrier Cybersecurity Checkup: Visit the Terrier Cybersecurity Checkup and run a checkup on your BU account!

BU Phish Guide: For more information on phishing, including how to spot a phish and related training opportunities, visit our BU Phish Guide.

BU Phish Bowl: Check out the BU Phish Bowl for the latest emails scams that have been reported by our community. Being vigilant and knowing what is out there will prepare you for when a phish makes its way into your inbox. This website will show you actual (and timely) phishing scams that have made it onto our network so you can identify them and avoid getting hooked!

Crowdstrike Endpoint Protection Crowdstrike End Point Protection to help protect yourself from ransomware. It’s free of charge for all students, faculty, and staff for their personal laptop or desktop computers. Crowdstrike is the next generation of antivirus protection replacing McAfee.