DSA Resources

Departmental Security Administrators (DSAs) are responsible for managing the mainframe accounts of schools, offices or colleges and for requesting access that is appropriate for the business role of that account.  The DSA is the liaison between the end-user and Information Security. All issues and concerns regarding access to the mainframe should be directed to your DSA. These responsibilities include but are not limited to the following tasks:

  • Maintain user accounts and access in the mainframe, SAP, and MyBU Student systems
  • Define accounts for new staff members
  • Make requests for mainframe applications, facilities or data for your users
  • Suspend a user leaving your department or office’s employment and opening their position
  • Remove the suspension of a user within your department when it is merited
  • Assist in replacing a user’s forgotten or expired password with a “default” password

*For more information on the roles and responsibilities of DSAs please visit the Data Access Management Policy

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To sign up for DSA Training you must be a DSA. If you are a DSA and need training please register for a training session

Data Trustee Resources

Data Trustees must make decisions regarding the handling of data in accordance with the University’s Information Security Policy and the Data Protection Standards, and in compliance with all federal, state, and local laws and regulations. Data Trustees are responsible for reviewing requests for access to sensitive data under their care regardless of whether the data is stored in the original data source, the authoritative repository or with any downstream users of the data. Data Trustee responsibilities include:

  • Responding to requests for access to University data within three business days with one of the following decisions: “Accepted”, “On Hold” (requesting more information), or “Denied”. Before permitting access, the Data Trustee must confirm that the requestor has a legitimate business reason for access to the data
  • Approving the minimum access or authorization necessary for the requestor’s needs
  • Support and enable the implementation of required security measures as outlined in the University Data Protection Requirements. Trustee may consult with IS&T and BU Information Security to determine appropriate controls
  • Ensuring that reviews are conducted regularly (not less than one time per year) to ensure all approved access is still valid and appropriate

*For more information on the roles and responsibilities of Data Trustees please visit the Data Access Management Policy

For a list of Data Executives & Data Trustees visit:

BU Data Executives and Trustees