Terrier Cybersecurity Checkup

Created by BU’s Information Security Team, the Terrier Cyber Check Up is exclusive for the Boston University community and gives us the ability to run a “security check up” on your BU account. The information provided is unique to your account offering the insight to manage your BU account, and ultimately the power to strengthen and secure it! 

The Terrier Cyber Check Up will do the following for you:

  • Validate your Duo Devices This will display the device and phone numbers you have registered with Duo Two-factor Authentication at BU. Any old devices associated with your account? You may want to remove them and make sure all your information is up to date.
  • Check your BU Password Health This will display the age of your BU password. The longer you keep the same password, the more likely it is to be captured or guessed. Had the same password for a year or more?  It might be a good time to change it!
  • Check for Data Breaches This will display anywhere that your BU email address has been known to be associated with a data breach. Has your account been part of a password data leak? You’ll want to update your password ASAP!

Log in TODAY and run a security check on your account!