ISAW 2013

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This year, BU Information Security is hosting the second annual Information Security Awareness Week at Boston University October 7th-11th.  October is National Information Security Awareness Month and Universities and other organizations across the country host events and campaigns to help people understand more about this important field. Get involved!

FREE SHRED EVENT One of the activities the Information Security department is sponsoring this year is free document shredding for all BU faculty, staff, and students.

Where? Bring any and all papers you want to shred to the following locations. InfoSec personnel will be on hand to accept custody of your documents and watch over them until they are destroyed:

  • 10/8 from 9-12 – CRC East- in the Granby St Lot [Map]
  • 10/9 from 11-1 – BUMC – between the School of Medicine and School of Public Health [Map]
  • 10/10 from 9-12 – CRC West- in the Agganis Arena Lot at [Map]

Similarly, if you have any old hard drives that need to be destroyed, we are available to help:

  • On BUMC wewill have personnel in the lobby of the School of Medicine on Wednesday and Friday from 11-1.  They will be ready to answer questions about computer and information security, accept old hard drives or computers that you no longer need and make sure are properly taken care of.
  • On CRC you can bring hard drives to the shred events listed above, but if you have a large amount of hard drives, please contact BU Information Security at 617-353-9004 to arrange for a pickup.

Why? While we as a society have been doing a lot to reduce our use of paper, there are still plenty of things out there that might contain sensitive information.  Papers with medical information on them, anything with a financial account number, social security numbers, driver’s license numbers, credit card numbers, anything that could conceivably be used by a malicious person to get money or to get access to something else.  There are plenty of legitimate reasons to put this kind of information down on paper, but that paper then needs to be properly protected and properly destroyed when no longer needed.

SECURITY TIPS & TWEETS In addition to the shredding event Quinn Shamblin, BU’s Executive Director of Information Security, will be emailing & tweeting out daily tips all week that will help you protect yourself at school, home & work. Visit our blasts page to view ISAW 2011′s tips and to see this years tips as they are released!

PARTICIPATE ONLINE by checking out the online resources below:

Cybersecurity is our shared responsibility. That means everyone has the potential to make a difference and educate others. Anyone can raise awareness within their community -National Cyber Security Alliance

Safe computing all! -BU Information Security Team