Enable passcode protection!

  1. Enter the Settings app
  2. Tap General
  3. *Disable Smart Cover unlocking (for iPad 2)
  4. Tap Passcode Lock
  5. Tap Turn Passcode On
  • You can opt for a simple password, which is 4 numeric characters, or you can choose to disable simple passcode, in which you will have to use a longer, alphanumeric passcode. http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4113

For more information on protecting your iPad and more step by step instructions for better security, see IOS security hardening guidelines

*A Smart Cover can partially unlock the iPad 2. It does not allow for complete access to your iPad, but it does allows access to whatever you had open on your  iPad 2 when it  locked. This is a significant security hole.   If your mail, Safari, messages, contacts, etc. were open  when your iPad locked, anyone can open your iPad to that application; you can imagine all the personal information that might be viewed as a result. It is important you Disable Smart Cover unlocking to help fix this vulnerability. For more information, visit this page and watch the video