Session 1: July 21 - July 25
Session 2: July 28 - August 1

What is U-Design? (Formerly DESIGNCAMP)

It is a fun, exciting science and engineering program for kids who are currently in grades 6 - 9 at time of registration.  It is a hands-on laboratory and workshop experience that gives you the opportunity to learn about science and technology by engaging in the real work of scientists and engineers: design, exploration, experimentation, and invention. Here you get to think of your own ideas, and build your own way-cool inventions.

This is a challenging and creative program developed and taught by an outstanding team of experienced science and technology teachers, who specialize in teaching engineering design to kids.

We are offering three different workshops in July, each built around a series of design projects and science activities that involve very interesting problems. BU's U-Design program is based on the DESIGNCAMP program established by UMASS Lowell in 2000.

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What do the students say?

“I can’t wait to go to college and learn all about this stuff.”

“I liked the feeling of knowing things and the feeling of finishing something challenging.  All the projects were great.”

“I like how you could think of something, then build it. It was a lot of fun.”

What do the parents say?

“My kids loved the camp and are inspired to continue projects at home.”

“It was so involved and interesting that my son said he wished he could stay into the evening.  He said the day felt two hours long.”

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