Post-MS PhD in Biomedical Engineering

Students coming straight from an MS degree to our PhD program must take the specified courses listed below along with research credits to meet the 32-credit minimum requirement for graduation.

Required Coursework

  • BE 605: Molecular Bioengineering
  • BE 606: Quantitative Physiology for Engineers
  • BE 790: Biomedical Engineering Seminar
  • BE 791: BME PhD Laboratory Rotation System
  • BE 792: Literature Review
  • Math course selected from approved list
  • BE 801 and BE 802: Teaching Practicum I and II
  • Two graduate-level electives (at least one BE)
  • Research credits (minimum of 4)

Students may petition to count as many as three of these five courses from previous coursework, by showing that the previous courses were substantially equivalent to offerings from BU. Students who receive such credit can meet the overall requirement for 32 credits through research credits. In addition to credit requirements, each student must:

  • successfully pass the oral qualifier exam
  • successfully propose and defend an original body of dissertation work

Application and Deadlines

Any inquiries related to application status and/or receipt of supplemental application materials should be directed to the Graduate Programs Office at or 617-353-9760.

For additional information about the PhD program, please contact Christen L. Bailey (