Post-BS PhD in Biomedical Engineering

Students coming straight from a BS degree to our PhD program must take the specified courses listed below along with research credits to meet the 64-credit minimum requirement for graduation.

Required Coursework

  • BE 605: Molecular Bioengineering
  • BE 606: Quantitative Physiology for Engineers
  • BE 790: Biomedical Engineering Seminar
  • BE 791: BME PhD Laboratory Rotation System
  • BE 792: Literature Review
  • Math course selected from approved list
  • BE 801 and BE 802: Teaching Practicum I and II
  • Three BE graduate-level electives
  • Two graduate-level technical electives
  • Research credits (minimum of 12)

In addition to credit requirements, each student must:

  • successfully pass the oral qualifier exam
  • successfully propose and defend an original body of dissertation work

Application and Deadlines

Any inquiries related to application status and/or receipt of supplemental application materials should be directed to the Graduate Programs Office at or 617-353-9760.

For additional information about the PhD program, please contact Christen L. Bailey (