Engineering Junior Year Study Abroad

Application Process

Students interested in studying abroad during their junior year must complete the application process outlined below. General questions regarding the Junior Year Study Abroad Programs should be directed to

Visit the website below for your location of interest, and search for courses that appear to be equivalent to courses required for your ENG program. You should identify a minimum of 7 course equivalencies. As you may not be able to enroll in your top choices, options are essential!

Course Catalogs:

Auckland, New Zealand (Fall Semester Only)
Dublin, Ireland (Fall Semester Only)
Istanbul, Turkey
Singapore, Singapore
Sydney, Australia

Once the appropriate number of course equivalencies are identified, please follow the following steps to complete a BU College of Engineering Junior Year Study Abroad Packet:

  1. Complete the Course Substitution Form, and attach the course descriptions and syllabi for each course of interest.Note: In Dublin, credits for courses (called units) will vary. Units translate to BU credits as follows: 5 units = 3 credits, 7.5 units = 4 credits, 10 units = 5 credits. Students studying abroad in Dublin must take the equivalent of 16-20 BU credits while abroad; students may need to take 4 or 5 DCU courses to accumulate the required number of BU credits.
  2. Present a Plan of Completion, outlining how the courses completed abroad will fit into your ENG program, in addition to any remaining degree requirements.
  3. Review the above Packet (Course Substitution Form + Plan of Completion) with both your Faculty Advisor and the Undergraduate Associate Chair of your department:
  4. Submit the packet (the completed / approved Course Substitution Form, Course Syllabi for each course + Plan of Completion) to the Office of Undergraduate Programs via e-mail at

You will only be accepted into a Junior Year Study Abroad Program once ENG approves your course equivalencies and notifies BU Study Abroad of such approvals. This step will be completed via the Advisor Support of Participation Form, which the College of Engineering must complete on your behalf.

All study abroad applications must be completed on-line. As a $50 non-refundable fee is applied once the application is submitted, it is advised to wait to submit the BU Study Abroad application until all of the ENG degree components have been reviewed and approved. You may apply with BU Study Abroad here.

You must also apply directly with the Host Institution. This process will be facilitated by BU Study Abroad, after the College of Engineering and Study Abroad approve your application. Please be advised that both the Dublin and Sydney sites require a minimum GPA of 3.00. For all other sites—Auckland, Istanbul, and Singapore—a minimum GPA of 3.00 is strongly recommended.

Once Accepted

A pre-departure meeting will be held on campus the semester prior to your participation. This meeting, hosted by BU Study Abroad, will provide crucial information about your visa application and the preparation of going abroad to your site. Please note – if studying abroad in Sydney, BU Study Abroad requires you to get a CORI form notarized. Please bring your passport, copy of passport photo, and completed CORI form to a notary appointment.

Once abroad and classes have begun, you must submit syllabi for all enrolled courses to the College of Engineering at