Bioengineering Teaching & Entrepreneurship Center

“Good news! The College of Engineering has raised nearly $1M toward its $1.75M goal for the new Bioengineering Teaching & Entrepreneurship Center (BTEC).With your support, we could start construction as early as this summer.

Healthcare is undergoing dramatic changes, especially with regard to precision and digital medicine. Your gift will make it possible for our students to receive the education and training they need to improve the quality of life for all humankind.”

– Dean Lutchen, Letter to BME Alumni

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BME-TIC Vision

At BU’s College of Engineering, we intend to create an exciting new resource that will revolutionize how our highly ranked Biomedical Engineering department teaches its students about synthesizing technology and biology to improve human health – and at the same time, inspires students to independently or in teams pursue innovative ideas applied to all aspects of biology and medicine.

The time is right to transform our 25-year-old traditional facility into a leading Bioengineering Teaching & Entrepreneurship Center.

BME-TIC context

BME-TIC Floor Plan
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The College of Engineering has risen in the U.S. News & World Report rankings faster than any other engineering school. We are now one of the top 35 engineering schools in the country – only two decades after granting our first PhD degree. We have one of the premier BME departments in the country, with 36 full-time faculty who collectively win research grants that total close to $30 million per year. We attract some of the most talented faculty – as well as undergraduate and graduate students – from all over the world. The department’s current teaching laboratory was created some 25 years ago. (You may remember it!) Its primary focus is on the tissue, organ, and whole body levels – which is where the field was back then. Today, however much of the cutting-edge work in BME is at the level of the genome and the cell.

To maintain our competitive edge, laboratory space for undergraduates that reflects that new focus is critical.

For more details on ENG’s latest initiative, check out our brochure: BTEC Brochure

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