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Smartphones, airplanes, video games – we see at least one of these every day but don’t always remember that their existence depends on the work of electrical and computer engineers. Electrical and computer engineering (ECE) is one of the fastest-growing fields, and a number of studies show that ECE majors are among the highest earners in the United States.

Exploratory Video SearchTomorrow’s engineers will need to be ready to design technologies we can’t yet imagine. At Boston University, we train the next generation to become future innovators and leaders in the field. Our students get to that level by working on groundbreaking research with our well-renowned faculty. They gain confidence by having a chance to collaborate across research disciplines and focus on work that utilizes their academic strengths. Currently, our students are working on projects that have the potential to improve disease diagnosis, solar panel efficiency, video surveillance, Internet performance, medical imaging, and more.

Is ECE Right For Me

At Boston University, students are challenged by a flexible, thought-provoking curriculum and learn from faculty members who are experts in their areas. Boston, a technology and biomedicine hub, is one of the best places to study engineering thanks to the city’s endless number of research opportunities. Our competitive program will prepare you for success in graduate school, your career, and beyond.