The Core Journal

The Journal of the Core Curriculum is a student-produced anthology of exemplary writing by the students and faculty of the Core. For each issue, the editors select works of academic and imaginative writing, which engage deeply the topics and texts encountered in the Core. The Journal is published annually in April, and is available at no cost to members of the Core community and to interested members of the public. To request a copy, contact the staff.

Editor’s Note, Spring 2014:

In 2014, specialization is the norm. The Renaissance Man and Woman are romanticized figures, regarded only as ideals of the past. But these figures are not dead! In fact, they are of perennial importance, and their interdisciplinary spirit lives on in this anthology you hold. In this issue of the Core Journal, you will find examples of all the various kinds of writing and thinking undertaken by those of us in the Core community. We grapple with arguments and foreign ideas, seek understanding of new discoveries, and marvel at enduring works of art. I became involved with the Journal because I believe our greatest chance for intellectual improvement can be found at the convergence of multiple disciplines. The Core is founded on this principle. At the end of the year, the Journal is our way to show our commitment to the ongoing work of discussion and discovery. In that spirit, let the Journal serve as your guidebook to the Core.

– Madeline Aruffo, Editor-in-Chief 2014, on behalf of the Editorial Staff

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Submissions Now Being Accepted for Volume XXIV

Core students and alumni are invited to submit their academic and creative work for consideration for the twenty-fourthissue of the Core Journal, to be published in April 2015. You may mail or drop-off hard copies in the Core office, CAS 119, or send texts and images as attachments to the editors by email.