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BU graduate student conference #Screentime.
BU graduate student conference #Screentime.

The PhD Program in Emerging Media Studies at Boston University’s College of Communication creates sophisticated researchers and critical thinkers who are ready to pave the way in roles of communication, sociological and media leadership. Designed for students with a master’s degree, the 68-credit program can be completed in three years of full-time study, including summers.

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The objectives of the PhD program are to give students a comprehensive understanding of the role of emerging media in society and organizations, and hone their research skills so that they can undertake independent and innovative research on emerging media. Students gain an understanding of the philosophical and intellectual underpinnings of emerging media as well as their practical role in society and organizations. Graduates are able to critically evaluate issues related to the social role of emerging media.

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We have history The Master’s Program in Emerging Media Studies at Boston University College of Communication is one of the nation’s first graduate programs to focus primarily on a subject that grows more critical to our world every day.

Along with research, teaching rests at the cornerstone of the doctoral degree. The College of Communication seeks to send scholars out into the world at the ready to enter industries, including academe. As such, doctoral students are required to serve as teaching fellows while enrolled in the program. Teaching obligations are managed by the program director, and are communicated to students in a timely fashion for planning purposes. On average, a student should expect to serve as a teaching fellow a minimum of two times during the three-year program.

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