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Don Morrison (DGE’48, Questrom’51) writes, “I was fortunate to live in the times of BU football. A number of General College students were on the team and excelled during the season. I am so pleased that the GC has survived the many education changes at BU.” He adds that his two years at the General College provided a broad educational foundation, to which he later added a bachelor’s degree in business and an MBA. Barbara (Condon) Waters (DGE’48, COM’50) retired 6 years ago after spending 22 years with a small, award-winning weekly newspaper in Maine—15 of those years as editor. She writes, “Just want to say hello to those who completed their CGS education in 1948. Contact me by email ( sometime and let me know what you are doing.” back to top


Ron Mazur (DGE’53, CAS’55) of Ormond Beach, Fla., is a former health educator, an ordained Unitarian minister, and the author of five books. His most recent title is Mystery of the Jesus Family. His avocation is world travel, and he reports having had the pleasure of visiting numerous sites in over 56 countries. Now retired, Ron manages his website,, and lives with his wife, Sharon Dorfman, and their Boston terrier, Abigail. He would enjoy hearing from classmates at back to top


B. Michael Trum (CGS’60, SED’76) of Palm Springs, Fla., writes that he plays tennis, swims, golfs, rides his bike, and visits his kids in Massachusetts and Montana “for the joy of it.” He is the proud father of a son and a daughter and has three grandchildren. He shares this reminiscence from his time at CGS: “The 1960 class graduated from an old BU building now gone. In its place is the newer part of the [Boston Public Library]. We had background noise most days like ‘pphhtt bang,’ ‘pphhtt bang,’ ‘pphhtt bang,’ as they drove pilings to bedrock for the construction of the Prudential Building. Unlike the library, it didn’t rise and fall with the tide. It was the first Boston building so constructed.” Ed Westerman (CGS’66, COM’68) of Framingham, Mass., received a Boston University Alumni Association Lifetime Volunteer Service Award in October, during BU’s 2010 Alumni Weekend. Ed is principal of Westerman Consulting and serves on several nonprofit boards, including the CGS Dean’s Advisory Board and the Boston University Alumni Council Executive Board. He also is cochair of the University’s Global Day of Service. back to top


LaMarr Renee (DGE’70, COM’72) is preparing her first book, The Angst of Retirement Planning in Today’s Marketplace. She is president of LaMarr RENEE Enterprises, an insurance and investment firm based in New York City, and also works as a professional development economics coach. back to top


Nikki (Sossin) Davidson (CGS’82, Questrom’84) of Framingham, Mass., lives with her husband of 20 years, their two children (ages 16 and 17), and a dog named KC. She has been operating her own gift basket business, Bravo Baskets, for the past 12 years and also volunteers for several charities. She keeps in regular contact with more than 30 of her BU buddies. Two friends from freshman year (“Rozie and VD”) recently came back to Boston to visit her and see the University for the first time in nearly 26 years. “They were blown away by the new John Hancock Student Center,” she writes, “and we all agree that perhaps we came to school about 25 years too early!” Classmates are welcome to contact her at Alan Q. Platt (CGS’85, CAS’88) of Chicago owns the art gallery Platt Fine Art and has been an elected member of the International Fine Print Dealers Association since 2002. He writes that his time at CGS was his “most meaningful experience at BU.” back to top


Tracy Paul (CGS’91, COM’93) continues in her position as CEO of Tracy Paul & Company, Inc., a marketing and public relations agency headquartered in New York. She recently added a second son, Henry, to her family. back to top


Jonathan H. Avidan (CGS’02, Questrom’04) joined Capital Management Services, Inc., in Wayne, Pennsylvania, in September 2010 as director of operations and technology management. The financial planning and investment advisory firm manages more than $350 million in assets and is growing quickly, he says. “They brought me on board with the responsibilities of creating and streamlining processes and procedures resulting in higher efficiencies for the firm. Since I am also securities licensed as well as life and health licensed, I can advise clients in the areas of retirement and insurance planning, too.” Suzanne (Magin) Mishkin (CGS03, SED05) and her husband, Noah, welcomed their second son, Akiva, on August 24, 2010. She writes: “He and big brother, Ayden, are doing great!” Katerina Draganova (CGS’06, CAS’07) of Coral Springs, Fla., married Dean Ehrlich on October 10, 2010 (10/10/10). She is pursuing a master’s degree in political science at Florida Atlantic University. The former varsity tennis player writes, “I would like to say hello to ALL of my tennis ladies. GO TERRIERS!” Erica Mosca (CGS’06, COM’08) of Las Vegas, Nev., recently completed a two-year commitment for Teach for America teaching fifth grade in the Las Vegas Valley. During that time, she earned a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and bought her first home. She is now working toward a master’s in education policy and management through Harvard’s Graduate School of Education. Trevor Ramos (CGS’07, Questrom’09) is a certified college planning specialist with College Planning Experts, Inc., in Valencia, California. He leads workshops in the Los Angeles area that teach parents how to qualify for significant financial aid when sending their children to college. back to top