About CGS

The College of General Studies (CGS) is a small, liberal arts college within a large, urban university. CGS offers a two-year interdisciplinary curriculum designed to give students a challenging and comprehensive liberal arts foundation upon which to build a specialized field of study. This foundation best equips students with the ability to synthesize and connect information from multiple perspectives, and cultivates strong critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills. We know that as a result, students are prepared to tackle the professional and civic challenges in today’s world.

Our team-teaching system places students in tight-knit groups, or teams, so that they can work closely together and with a four-member, interdisciplinary faculty team. Each team also has an assigned CGS academic advisor who provides individualized guidance to support students on their educational journey.

Courses are taught by accomplished professors with Ph.D.s, , and they fulfill the University’s general education  requirements in humanities, social sciences, rhetoric, and natural sciences while allowing students to begin coursework in their desired field of study. After students complete two years in CGS, they continue working towards their degree in the junior and senior years in one of BU’s other undergraduate schools or colleges.

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