About CGS

The College of General Studies’ interdisciplinary program inspires students to make connections between disciplines and to connect their knowledge to real-world problems.  A small, liberal arts college within a large, urban research university, CGS offers a two-year integrated program that gives students a challenging and comprehensive liberal arts foundation. CGS guides students on a unique pathway through BU, teaching them how to apply broad learning to real-world problems, how to think critically and creatively, and how to communicate effectively.  These skills propel CGS alumni to succeed in any profession—from entertainment to education to business to the medical fields.

The Boston-London Program: You begin the year in January with the Boston-London Program—the only program that lets you study abroad during your first year of college. You’ll spend a semester in Boston taking CGS courses as well as courses toward your major. Then you’ll study abroad in London during the summer, completing a full first-year course load (32 credits) by the end of the summer.  In both Boston and London, courses are taught by CGS faculty members, and classroom material is reinforced by experiential opportunities such as trips to museum, historical sites, and theaters.

Two Years of Interdisciplinary Study: In the second year, you will continue to be immersed in the CGS interdisciplinary curriculum while you take electives toward your major.  Upon completion of the two-year program, you will continue to one of BU’s nine degree-granting undergraduate schools and colleges to complete your degree. The College of General Studies provides the strong foundation for a specialized field of study, and it fulfills most of the BU Hub general education requirements.

A Close-Knit Learning Community: The CGS learning model places students in tight-knit groups, or teams, so that they can work closely together and with a three-member, interdisciplinary faculty team. Courses are taught by accomplished professors with PhDs—no teaching assistants or graders. A CGS academic advisor provides individualized guidance to support students on their educational journey.

A Foundation in General Education: During students’ two years at CGS, they fulfill most of their BU Hub general education requirements and complete electives toward their majors.  In their junior year, they continue into their specific majors in one of the University’s degree programs.

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