OMSC Program Seminars, Fall 2018

Overseas Ministries Study Center: Engaging in Mission with the World Christian Movement since 1922

Sept. 11-12, 2018 Formation in our Mission Journey Mark Gornik & Team
Sept. 19-20, 2018 How to Develop Mission and Church Archives Martha Smalley & Christopher Anderson
Sept. 24-28, 2018 Culture, Values, and Worldview: Anthropology for Mission Practice Darrell Whiteman
Oct. 9-11, 2018 Christian Mission and Adivasi People in India Atola Longkumer
Oct. 16-17, 2018 US Churches Today Geoff Little
Oct. 23-26, 2018 Healing the Wounds of Trauma: Help for Ourselves and Others Harriet Hill & Wesley Neal
Nov. 6-9, 2018 Powers, Principalities, and the Spirit: Biblical Realism in Africa and the West Esther Acolatse
Nov. 14-15, 2018 Intercultural Theology Volker Küster
Nov. 27-30, 2018 A Connected History of Mission:  Complex People; Conjoined Places; Composite Projects Mrinalini and J. Jayakiran Sebastian
Dec. 11-14, 2018 OMSC Writing Workshop & Retreat: “To the Glory of God: Putting Your Story Into Words” Leslie Williams

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