String Quartet Workshop

June 16–29, 2019 (Two Weeks)

Ages 14-20

The two-week String Quartet Workshop is intended for advanced players who have had considerable chamber music experience. Members of the celebrated Muir String Quartet and faculty from Boston University are in residence as coaches.

  • Each student does an in-depth study of two master works of the string quartet literature, one each week. Music selection and quartet members for the first week are assigned prior to the start of the season, while newly assigned repertoire and quartet members for the second week are determined during the first week of study
  • Repertoire ranges from the early works of Beethoven, Haydn, and Mozart to more contemporary quartets by Bartok, Shostakovich, and Schulhoff
  • String orchestra reading each morning of a different quartet for comprehensive overview of all the assigned repertoire for all quartets
  • Twice daily chamber coachings
  • Master classes with both solo and chamber performance
  • Two String Quartet Workshop recitals consisting of repertoire studied that week
  • 2 hours of transferable Boston University course credit

Audio Samples