Working with Alumni Relations

It is very important that each alumni network works closely with Alumni Relations at Boston University as every alumni network is part of the larger Boston University Alumni Association (BUAA). The BUAA, open to all former students, promotes the welfare of Boston University, its schools, colleges, and programs and seeks to actively encourage graduates to become involved in alumni and University activities.

How BU Supports Your Network

Although each alumni network is self-financed, it is expected to function in accordance with the mission of the University. All local laws and regulations must be observed and a copy of all paperwork filed with the local government should be sent to the University to be kept on file in Boston.


Alumni networks have permission from the University to use the BUAA logo on all materials (i.e. letterhead, marketing materials, banners, posters, etc.) The University Seal is reserved for official University documents, diplomas, Commencement materials, and formal invitations to University sponsored events.

Public Relations

The University recommends that alumni networks do not align themself with any political or religious groups. The University values the diversity of its alumni and the purpose of an alumni association is not to promote one particular political or religious view.


In the event that an alumni network fails to work within the above guidelines, the University has the right to withdraw the network’s right to use any part of the Boston University name or logo and may choose to reorganize a new alumni association.


Alumni Relations at Boston University can provide an alumni network a multitude of services including:


The Boston University Alumni Association maintains a central alumni database that is constantly updated. This allows us to communicate messages from the alumni associations to all alumni in a designated area via mailings and broadcast emails.

Notification of Visiting Academics and Senior Staff

We will endeavor to keep associations informed when Boston University staff are visiting their area so as to maximize opportunities for associations to arrange lectures and gatherings around those visits.

Promotion of Association Activities

Alumni Relations at Boston University is able to promote the alumni network’s events through the main BU Alumni website. We encourage the alumni networks to supply information and photographs of events and activities as content for this website and for publication in Bostonia, the alumni magazine.

Web support

In addition to the general BUAA website, we encourage each alumni association to provide content for a webpage that can be hosted and maintained by the University. In addition, the University hosts email lists for alumni associations, promotes events through broadcast emails, handles some online RSVPs for events, and can conduct online surveys.


Alumni Relations at Boston University encourages communication among members of the alumni association as well as with the University in order to provide possible networking opportunities both within your country and/or worldwide.