Get to Know BU Admissions

  • Kelly A. Walter

    Associate Vice President &
    Executive Director of Admissions

    China, Hawaii

  • John C. McEachern

    Director of Admissions
    New York (Manhattan)

  • Anne Corriveau

    Director of International Admissions
    Asia (Eastern): Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam
    Asia (Central): All countries including India
    Eurasia: All countries
    Europe: Italy, Switzerland

Admissions Representatives

  • Rachel Boyle

    Senior Assistant Director
    Massachusetts (Northeast, North Metro West), Montana, Utah, Wyoming

  • Zoe Carter

    Senior Assistant Director
    Massachusetts (Southeast, South Shore), New Hampshire, Vermont

  • Michael Convicer

    Assistant Director
    Alabama, Arkansas, Florida (Northern, Western), Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia (Eastern, Southern, Western)

  • Cindy Cordova

    Assistant Director
    Florida (Southern, Southeastern)

  • Christopher Downe

    Associate Director
    Maine, Massachusetts (Metro West)

  • Elise Fisher

    Assistant Director
    California (Monterrey, San Jose, Southern – Orange County, Inland Empire), Nevada

  • Randy Jose

    Assistant Director
    Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania (Northern, Southern, Western)

  • Katie Kocourek

    Assistant Director
    Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin

  • Lauren Kudisch

    Associate Director
    Massachusetts (Western)

  • Patrick McNally

    Senior Associate Director
    Massachusetts (Southeast/Cape Cod), Rhode Island

  • Griffin Monahan

    Assistant Director
    Colorado, Massachusetts (Central)

  • Duffy Moran

    Associate Director
    New York (Manhattan)

  • Kimberly Murray

    Assistant Director

  • Brian Poznanski

    Assistant Director
    Arizona, New Jersey (Central/Southern), New Mexico

  • Brittney Sampson

    Senior Assistant Director
    Massachusetts (Boston), New York (The Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island)

  • Tabitha Watson

    Senior Assistant Director 

  • Bode Wilson

    Assistant Director
    Alaska, California (Southern – San Diego), Idaho, Oregon, Washington

International Admissions Representatives

  • Scott Dyer

    Senior Assistant Director
    Africa: All countries
    Middle East

  • Samantha Fifield

    Assistant Director
    Asia: China, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, Singapore, South Korea

  • Caitlin Fairfield Hasson

    Assistant Director
    Europe (Western): Austria, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom
    Oceania: All countries

  • Liam McCartney

    Senior Assistant Director
    Europe (Central/Western): Belgium, Czech Republic, Hungary, The Netherlands, all Nordic countries
    Europe (Eastern): All countries, including Russia and Turkey
    Asia: Malaysia, Myanmar, The Philippines, Sri Lanka, Taiwan

  • Monique Robert

    Assistant Director
    North America: Canada

  • Tasha Sandoval

    Assistant Director
    Caribbean: All countries
    Central America: All countries
    South America: All countries