BS and BLS in Interdisciplinary Studies

Students interested in the online Interdisciplinary Studies major should refer to the Undergraduate Degree Completion Program.

The on-campus interdisciplinary studies major provides an opportunity to pursue a course of study developed around a unifying theme, problem, or issue. Students must complete an application that will propose 10 upper-level courses selected from various Metropolitan College departments and programs that relate to their proposed topic. The application must include a statement of rationale for the topic and be sponsored by a member of the faculty. The application must then be reviewed and approved by the assistant dean. The faculty sponsor and assistant dean must also approve subsequent course substitutions.

Distribution Requirements

(total 48 credits)


  • MET EN 104
  • MET EN 201


  • Four credits in a Metropolitan College math course numbered MET MA 113 or higher

Computer Science

  • MET CS 101 Computers and Their Applications

Natural Science

  • Eight credits in the natural sciences (N)


  • Four credits in a 100- or 200-level MET EN literature course or MET HU 221


  • Four credits


  • Four credits

Additional Courses

  • Four credits in the humanities (H)
  • Four credits in the social sciences (S)
  • Four credits in the humanities (H), natural sciences (N), or social sciences (S)

Major Courses

(total 40 credits)

A total of 10 approved upper-level courses (40 credits), completed with a grade of C or higher, is required. A minimum of six courses must be 300-level or higher.


(total 40 credits)

Choose 10 courses (40 credits).