Undergraduate Degree Completion Program (Online)

The online Undergraduate Degree Completion Program (UDCP) is a unique, completely online curriculum for those prepared to finish the second half of a bachelor’s degree. This distance education program provides an interdisciplinary, liberal arts degree for working adults who meet Boston University’s selective admissions standards.

Students in the UDCP undertake a balanced curriculum of social science, humanities, and natural science courses. Two 7-week courses are offered sequentially by semester, offering a forum for active learning within a structured and participatory format. Students work with faculty and other students in sections of fewer than 20 students. Successful completion of the program will result in the Bachelor of Liberal Studies (BLS) in Interdisciplinary Studies from Boston University’s Metropolitan College.

Graduates of the UDCP:

  • Gain detailed knowledge of classical and contemporary liberal arts
  • Acquire an understanding of sciences, literature, and history through focused themes
  • Develop full proficiency in writing through individual and collaborative work
  • Make connections between the real world and liberal arts learning


The Undergraduate Degree Completion Program seeks candidates for admission who are academically well qualified and professionally prepared to maximize this unique set of courses. The program is designed for mature and motivated adult learners who desire to complete their undergraduate liberal arts degree within a virtual community of similarly dedicated individuals. Candidates for admission should be ready to make a commitment to this selective program and participate in rigorous courses with students like themselves.

The admissions committee considers far more than prior academic records when selecting students that meet our ideals. While reviewing candidates, the committee will look for:

  • Overall academic preparation
  • A range of 52–64 transferable academic credits completed at one or more accredited colleges
  • The equivalent of a freshman-level English writing course and a college-level course in mathematics or a related quantitative area
  • Work/professional experience/activities indicating maturity and appropriate motivation

In addition, successful applicants will present a clear, well-written application essay as part of the formal application.

The admissions committee meets regularly and makes decisions on a rolling basis.

Degree Requirements

A minimum of 16 courses (64 credits), to include:

  • MET IS 308 Exploring Philosophy through Film: Knowledge, Ethics, and Personal Identity
  • MET IS 312 Food Stuff: A Taste of Biology
  • MET IS 325 Explorations in the Essay: History, Theory, Practice
  • MET IS 327 The Meaning of America: People, Identity, and Conflict that Built a Nation
  • MET IS 333 Manipulating Life: The Ethics and Science of Biotechnology
  • MET IS 342 Sabermetrics
  • MET IS 345 Rethinking the Classics: Contemporary Takes on the Canon
  • MET IS 350 Nature and the Divine in Myth, Literature, and Art
  • MET IS 360 Literature, Film, and the American Dream
  • MET IS 362 Mathematics that Matter in the 21st Century
  • MET IS 367 Jobs, Wages, and the Global Economy
  • MET IS 370 China, the Emerging Superpower: A Model for Development?
  • MET IS 380 Landscape, Climate, and Humans
  • MET IS 385 Interior and Exterior Landscapes: Understanding Native American Cultures
  • MET IS 419 American Traditional Music
  • MET IS 420 The Moral Self: Psychological, Religious, and Spiritual Perspectives
  • MET IS 421 The Art of Rhetoric in Life and Work
  • MET IS 450 Botany without Borders
  • MET IS 460 Romanticism and Its Offshoots: Countering the Enlightenment in Philosophical Literature and the Visual Arts
  • MET IS 470 Mysteries of Archaeology
  • MET IS 480 Physics of Motion: Something in the Way It Moves