BA in Japanese Language & Literature

A prerequisite of CAS LJ 212 (or equivalent placement) and thirteen courses with a grade of C or higher are required. Students must complete a minimum of six principal courses at Boston University.

Required Courses

Two of the following

  • CAS LX 250
  • CAS XL 222*
  • CAS XL 223
  • CAS XL 224
  • CAS XL 225

*CAS CC 101 and 102 together may be substituted for CAS XL 222.

Three language courses

  • CAS LJ 303
  • CAS LJ 304
  • One of: CAS LJ 314, LJ 315, LJ 320, LJ 385, LJ 386, LJ 403, LJ 404, LJ 441, or LJ 445

Language courses taken at the Kyoto Consortium for Japanese Studies (KCJS) may also count toward this requirement.

Three courses in Japanese literature

  • CAS LJ 250
  • Two from CAS LJ 251, LJ 350, LJ 451*, LJ 480, and LJ 481

*CAS LJ 451 may be taken more than once if the topic has changed.

Two courses in Japanese civilization

  • CAS LJ 281 or HI 369
  • One of LJ 281, LJ 282, LJ 283, or LJ 445 (if not used to fulfill the advanced language requirement)

Three additional CAS LJ non-language courses

These must be at the 400 level or above or related courses in MLCL or other departments as approved by the advisor. (Non-language courses taken at KCJS may also count toward this requirement.)

Placement Examination

A placement test is required of all students whose most recent course in Japanese was taken while in high school or at a college other than Boston University and who wish to continue their study of this language here. Information on testing dates and times is available in the department.