Minor in Arabic (1142)

Six courses with a grade of C or higher: LY 303 and LY 304 (unless equivalent proficiency is shown, in which case advisor will determine substitute courses); one or two additional Arabic language courses numbered LY 214 or above (may include LY 572; may include LY350 if not also counted for literature); one or two of the literature and culture courses: XL 223, LY 284, LY 341, LY 350, LY 441, LY 470, LY 471, TL 540; and at most one related non-LY CAS course to be approved by the minor advisor.  This non-LY course should focus substantially on a relevant second language (e.g., Hebrew, Persian, Turkish, French, or an African language), on linguistics (with an LX number), or on the art, religion, history, politics, etc. of the Arab world. With advisor’s approval, students may include up to three transfer courses from other colleges, universities, or non-BU study abroad programs.  At least three courses must be taken on the Charles River Campus.  Internships taken through Boston University or other study abroad programs may not be credited toward minor concentrations offered by the department.