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Degree Requirements

The graduate certificate in Community-Engaged Research & Evaluation at Boston University Wheelock College of Education & Human Development develops students as researchers or evaluators who can work with communities to construct questions and methods, collect data, and interpret results to resolve locally relevant problems. You’ll be prepared with the knowledge, attitudes, and skills to conduct authentic community-engaged research and evaluation, and you’ll develop the practical knowledge and tools to help communities resolve locally relevant problems.

As a student in the Community-Engaged Research & Evaluation certificate program, you’ll be trained on theories, methods, and practical skills for implementing research and evaluation projects that engage communities as true partners in the inquiry process. You’ll learn a variety of professional skills, including engaging communities in conducting research or evaluation; working with community partners to interpret data; and communicating findings in clear and usable ways.

Dates & Deadlines

Spring & Fall 2024

Aug 15, 2023

Application Open

Spring 2024 Semester

Dec 15, 2023

Application Deadline

Fall 2024 Semester

Jan 15, 2024

Deadline to Receive Priority Scholarship Consideration

Fall 2024 Semester

Aug 1, 2024

Application Closes

Featured Faculty

The faculty in BU Wheelock’s Community-Engaged Research & Evaluation graduate certificate program bring expertise in various areas related to community engagement, research methodologies, and program evaluation. In addition to BU Wheelock faculty, students may work with faculty from Boston University’s School of Public Health and School of Social Work.

Career Outcomes

The graduate certificate in Community-Engaged Research & Evaluation at BU Wheelock prepares researchers and evaluators who believe that communities have the best understanding of their assets, needs, values, and activities. You’ll be prepared for a variety of professionals roles, including:

  • Evaluator for a community organization or a state or local agency
  • Evaluation consultant
  • Community-engaged practitioner
  • Policy maker or influencer
  • Applied social scientist
  • Advocate
  • Researcher

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At BU Wheelock, researchers are conducting groundbreaking projects, while engaged community partnerships are advancing authentic solutions to the challenges they are facing.

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