Grace S. Kim

Clinical Associate Professor

Dr. Grace S. Kim is a Clinical Associate Professor in the counseling psychology program, who was trained in clinical psychology. She completed an internship and a postdoctoral fellowship at the Cambridge Health Alliance/Harvard Medical School, where she worked with children, adolescents, and adults from diverse backgrounds. Dr. Kim’s research has two foci: Social Justice Education and Asian American Psychology.

With regards to social justice education, she explores how students understand meanings of diversity, how to effectively teach diversity and social justice, and how to train future professionals to be more culturally humble and responsive. With regards to Asian American psychology, she researches negotiation of racial and ethnic identities, experiences of belonging and exclusion, and mental health in Asian Americans. She explores lived experiences of diverse Asian Americans, such as transracial adoptees and immigrant families.

Dr. Kim is a fellow of Asian American Psychological Association, and the president of American Psychological Association Division 35, Section 5 (Psychology of Asian Pacific American Women). In addition, Dr. Kim is a past fellow of the APA Minority Fellowship Program, the Institute for Asian American Studies at the University of Massachusetts Boston, and Asian American Psychological Association Leadership Fellows Program.

Ph.D., University of Massachusetts Boston
M.A., University of Massachusetts Boston
M.A.R., Westminster Theological Seminary
B.A., Johns Hopkins University

CE 500 Introduction to Counseling

HD 327 Asian American Psychology

HD 385 Psychological Trauma

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