Costs & Tuition

Listed below are the various tuition and fee rates for Boston University for 2021-2022. We recommend all students to complete the Budget Worksheet to estimate the full cost of attendance and to assist in requesting aid.

Full-Time Study

For full-time status, students must be enrolled in 12–18 credits per semester. Students are charged a standard tuition rate as full-time students.

Below is the University’s estimated cost of attendance. The budget represents average nine-month costs and a standard personal living allowance for a full-time graduate student with no dependents.


Part-Time, Online & Summer Study

For part-time status, students must be enrolled in fewer than 12 credits per semester. All students studying during the summer semester are considered part-time students and pay per credit regardless of total credit number. All students enrolled in online study at BU Wheeock also study on a part-time basis, taking fewer than 12 credits per semester.