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Application Requirements

Q: Is there a GPA requirement?
No, there’s no GPA requirement to apply to BU Wheelock graduate degree programs. BU Wheelock considers a variety of factors, including a student’s academic performance and their fit with the program.

Q: Is the GRE required for my program?
No, we do not require any standardized tests to be considered to our programs. However, if you have already taken these exams and wish to share your results, you can submit your results to our school code: 3087.

Q: Do I need official transcripts to apply to BU Wheelock?
No. Applicants may apply with unofficial transcripts from their previously attended institutions. If accepted by our college, however, official transcripts must be submitted before classes begin.

Q. Does BU Wheelock provide an application fee waiver?
Yes. Application fee waiver requests can be submitted via our website.

Q: Should I reach out to faculty before I apply?
BU Wheelock prides itself on its engaging and caring faculty. Applicants are not required to contact faculty for any of our programs. However, if applicants would like to reach out to faculty to learn more about the program or ask specific program-related questions, we encourage them to do so.


Q: Can I submit my application after the recommended deadline?
There are several advantages to applying by the recommended deadline, including priority consideration for scholarships and sufficient visa processing time for international students. However, you may apply anytime up until the final application date. For more information, visit Application Deadlines.

Application Materials

Q: I went to more than one institution, do I need to submit transcripts from each one?
If all your courses and the corresponding grades for each course appear on one transcript you can submit one document. If your courses are listed but the grades are not, you will need to submit a transcript from each institution. This includes transcripts from study abroad experiences.

Q: Is there are external application for scholarships?
No. Our merit-based scholarships only require a standard application to be submitted. No additional application is necessary. For more information on the different types of assistance and funding opportunities available, visit Financing Your Graduate Education.

Q: Do I need to submit an official evaluation of my international transcript?
We ask that international applicants obtain credential evaluations, if possible, but if you currently have an official English translated version of your transcripts that includes a grading scale, that would also be acceptable for our application.

Q: How long should my application essays be?
Your Statement of Qualifications & Objectives and Equity & Inclusion Statement should each be no more than two pages, double-spaced.

Q: What should I do if the application portal is not accepting my application materials (e.g., transcripts or letters of recommendation)?
Applicants should try to upload all application materials through the applicant portal. However, if technical issues arise, applicants can send materials as PDF documents to our Graduate Admissions team at, and we will upload the document(s) to their file.

Admissions Decisions

Q: When will I receive my admissions decision?
Admissions decisions for Boston campus-based programs are released approximately eight weeks after an application is complete and after the recommended deadline has passed. Only complete applications will be reviewed.