The Links is a collection of portals that provide secure access to online services and confidential information for appropriate users. Students, faculty, staff, alumni, and applicants for admission all enjoy one-stop access to the services they need, through The Links.

Each Link portal provides convenient, secure access from a single page to a collection of information and functions designed for a specific audience. Service owners can have their centrally managed web applications added to the appropriate portal and retain control of access.

  • Looking for the Alumni Link?

    The Alumni Link is a former name for what is now known as the Alumni Online Community. Alumni can use the Online Community to access career tools, alumni networks, Email Forwarding for Life, and so on. Visit the Alumni Online Community. If you have questions, please contact the Alumni Online Community Help Desk at 617-353-4000 or

  • Looking for the Applicant Link?

MyBU Applicant has been refreshed and renewed.  You can now find it under MyBU!

Applicants for admission to undergraduate studies at Boston University use this service to view the latest information about their application. All aspects of the application process, including communication of an admissions decision, are handled through the MyBU Applicant. These components include checklists,information about financial aid, invitations to receptions, etc

The Student Link has been replaced with MyBU Student, a new portal is used by enrolled and active students at Boston University to navigate to key administrative services of the University and to learn about student activities and opportunities.

  • The Business Link provides a view of historical Financial and Sourcing and Procurement systems (through FY 2011) and full administrative functions for Auxiliary Services, Student Employment, Undergraduate Admissions, etc.... more »

  • Administrative systems available through the Faculty Link provide faculty access to class schedules, class lists, advisee lists, and final exam schedules, as well as academic and contact information for students in their current classes. In addition, faculty can initiate the automatic generation of course sites, post final grades for their courses, send email to a class list, and perform other functions.... more »

  • The Faculty/Staff Link provides authorized school & college administrators access to information and functions pertaining to student lists, instructors' schedules, past University schedules, and other academic areas.... more »

  • Provides secure access to those parents, employers, and other interested third parties a student has authorized to view the student’s academic and financial information.... more »