The login name you choose will identify you on campus computing systems throughout your association with Boston University, and will be part of your BU email address.

If you already have an account on another system at Boston University, you must use the same login name.

BU Login Name Rules
The following rules are enforced for login names:

  • Must be 2 to 8 characters in length
  • Can contain both letters and numbers, but cannot contain a number as the first character
  • Cannot include any punctuation characters

BU Login Name Changes
Your BU login name identifies you on-campus computing systems throughout your association with the University and is part of your email address. Because it is a unique identifier stored in many different locations, changes to a login name require considerable staff time and coordination. For this reason, you should choose a login name carefully, as it cannot easily be changed later.

However, if you feel strongly that you need to change your BU login name, you can submit a ticket to the IT Help Center. There is a $50 fee for this service and it may take several weeks to be completed. Requests for changes due to special circumstances, such as a legal name change, will be accepted with no fee.