IS&T offers a wide range of services to ensure the security of Boston University’s information and technology resources. Services include data protection and encryption, firewall management, security operations, incident response and computer forensic investigations, and training to ensure the security, integrity, and availability of BU data and systems as well as compliance with applicable regulations.

  • The Information Security Operations Center (SOC) and Incident Response Team (IRT) is responsible for coordinating the response to cyber security incidents at Boston University... more »

  • The Identity & Access Management (IAM) service provides identity and authentication for people who use services at Boston University. The abilities to have an account, to manage that account, and to log in to protected web pages and applications are all provided by IAM or the IAM service components: Directory Services and Authentication Services.... more »

  • IS&T continuously monitors the BU campus network to detect and respond to security events and abnormal activity. IS&T also uses firewalls to protect sensitive networks, servers, and applications.... more »

  • The BU Information Security Department offers information security training (helping you understand what you can do to be more secure) and coordinates information security awareness activities and events (explaining why you should do so).... more »

  • Cyber Security is an important part of planning for new projects, services, or research. There are many laws, regulations, policies, standards and guidelines that apply. It is a complex topic and the BU Information Security Department is here to help.... more »

  • When installing and configuring a new server, contact Information Security for guidance and help with proper security, tailored for the sensitivity of information that will be on that system.... more »