Short-term access to the wireless network

Wireless access on the BU (Guest) network is available for up to one week for visitors who are sponsored by an individual member of the BU community, or by a sponsoring department.

Extended access to wireless, email, other resources

Non-BU affiliates can be sponsored for an Affiliate Account, which provides access to BU resources such as wireless and email, as specified by the sponsor. Affiliates are typically vendors, researchers, or others who have a business need for a BU login name and Kerberos password. Affiliates should have their sponsor complete the Affiliate Account form at


Sharelink access to a student record

ShareLink provides secure access to parents, employers, and any others who have been authorized by a student to view the student’s academic or financial information.

Web Account information for program applicants

Individuals who are either applying to a Boston University academic program, planning to register for an online learning program, or planning to utilize select BU resources will not receive a full BU account. Instead, those who fall into these groups will create and use a BU Web Account to maintain online materials, monitor status updates and gain access for online registration for special programs..