Known issues with the "Collaboration" feature

When you, as the survey creator, wish to share survey administration with others, you can choose the Collaboration option. As the name of the person you want to collaborate with is entered in, one of three things will happen:

Case one
Qualtrics finds and suggests a matching name. It will end in either or and, once you have added the name, the survey will automatically appear among that collaborator's collection of surveys. However, you should still notify the invited collaborator of the presence of the new survey because they will not receive an email message from Qualtrics. Also remind them to access the survey by logging in at

Case two
Qualtrics fails to find a matching name. In that case, you should enter the email address of the invited collaborator in the empty Add box. Qualtrics will then create a standard invitation message that you can edit. However, you will need to follow up separately to tell the invited BU collaborator that they should create their account at instead of the links provided in the message from Qualtrics. After that, steps 2 (accept shared survey) and 3 (use collaboration code) provided in the message from Qualtrics should work as described.

Case three
Qualtrics fails to find a match and the invited collaborator is not an active student, faculty, staff or sponsored Guest at BU.  You can, instead, submit a non-BU email address that's associated with an account elsewhere on the Qualtrics site, and the invitation to collaborate can be accepted at that account.

Always begin at

If you ever have trouble accessing Qualtrics to administer your surveys, return to (a redirect to

Can groups/labs have a single Qualtrics Account? Can a Guest we sponsor use Qualtrics?

Yes. Departments and campus groups can request a BU login name and Kerberos password for use by your group - or for use by a Guest you wish to sponsor. This process will provide a BU login name for use by the person(s) you associate with your group and will need to be renewed annually. This BU login name will provide access, not just to Qualtrics, but to email and other BU resources, as specified during the account setup process.

What courses are available for Boston University Qualtrics users?

See to determine if any classroom training is currently scheduled.