Net Zero Direct Emissions

Electrifying and replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy

BU Wind

The Climate Action Plan set an ambitious goal—BU will be net carbon neutral by 2040. Here's how we'll get there:

Reduce energy demand

BU has committed to cutting its energy demand 31% by 2032. How? By concentrating on improving energy efficiency.

Shift from fossil fuels

For powering the heating and cooling of campus buildings, we're switching to electricity and incorporating other means of regulating indoor temperatures as in the Center for Computing & Data Sciences building, so we can switch our energy supply to renewables

Source renewable energy

As evident by our BU Wind project, the University is matching 100% of the University’s electricity consumption with renewables.

Go electric

Boston University is taking advantage of every opportunity to make our daily operations run cleaner and more efficiently. This includes transitioning our campus fleet to electric vehicles in coming years.

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