Elijah Ercolino (ENG’10)

Director of Engineering & Building Systems | ENG'10

From student leader to engineering & building systems lead


I earned an MS in Mechanical Engineering from Boston University's College of Engineering in 2010. My interests include: renewable energy, energy efficiency, energy storage, and energy policy. I am the technical team leader of the Engineering & Building Systems group.

BU Highlights

  • Founded the BU Energy Club
  • Eversource Memorandum of Understanding/ National Grid Strategic Energy Management Partnership; leveraging project incentives whose implementation resulted in 10% campus energy use reduction from 2010 baseline
  • Evaluated campus wide energy efficiency strategies supporting goals of BU’s Climate Action Plan of net zero direct emissions by 2040
  • Played key role in electric vehicle (EV) charging station expansion, Distributed Energy Resources, and Strategic Electrification
  • Navigated complex post-COVID world for energy efficiency optimization opportunities

Engineering & Building Systems

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