Lucy Hutyra

Associate Professor | Specialties: Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Urban Ecology, Climate Science

Former Faculty Lead with Campus Climate Lab


I am a professor in the Department of Earth and Environment. My research involves the impact of humans on the carbon cycle and the characteristics and drivers of the exchange of carbon between the atmosphere and the biosphere. I study Boston's carbon dioxide emissions to understand what is likely to happen around the globe.

BU Highlights

  • 2023 recipient of a MacArthur Fellowship for her work on urban carbon cycle science.
  • Climate Action Plan, task force member
  • Campus Climate Lab, faculty lead (former)
  • BU URBAN, associate director
  • Building the ACES and DARTE CO2 emissions inventories
  • Collaboration with City of Boston on locating and addressing natural gas leaks
  • Collaboration with local municipalities on tree planting and redevelopment
  • Research projects funded by National Science Foundation (e.g., new models for urban heat islands), NASA (e.g., monitoring urban CO2 from space with OCO-3), and NOAA (e.g., urban air quality)

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