Sargent Cares Emergency Fund 

Established in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Sargent Cares Emergency Fund provides flexible, current-use student support above and beyond traditional financial aid.  

Since the spring 2020, we have distributed tens of thousands of dollars in emergency aid since to ensure  students continue their momentum toward their Sargent degree and career. Grants from the Sargent Cares Emergency Fund have been used to help students recover from unexpected losses of employment (both their own and their families’), lend technology support, and, above all, to help keep students enrolled at Boston University

Your gift makes a difference at a critical juncture in the lives of our students. 

Our students’ success is imperative – they are the health professionals who will lead us to a healthier, more equitable future – even as current challenges have presented new obstacles to their success. Together, we can ensure that financial setbacks will not derail them. Thank you for considering a gift to the Sargent Cares Emergency Fund, an essential lifeline for students during unprecedented times.

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Words of Thanks from Student Recipients

“Your generosity and support have reassured me of the importance of helping others, and I genuinely hope I can help other students achieve their goals in the future just as you have helped me.”

“I am grateful to the Sargent Cares Emergency Fund for its help in offsetting the increased costs of living during clinical rotations. I am financially hurting right now having lost my job, and I am having issues funding my basic living expenses. I am sure I am not the only student in this boat.”

“This is so great and SO appreciated!  You have no idea how much this means to me!  Sargent and BU have been so accommodating during these trying times.  THANK YOU!”