Sargent Clinical Advisory Board

David Ruchelsman (Sargent ’00)
Human Physiology Board Chair

Siisi Adu-Gyamfi & Gwen Taylor
Resource Center

Daniel F. Bradley
President, Select Medical, Outpatient Division

Dawn D’Alelio
Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Randi Jacoby (Sargent ’80)
Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences

Bob Knox, Jr. (CGS’08, SAR’10, SPH’12)
Health Policy and Management 

Nancy Clark McGrath (Sargent ’79)

Debra Meyerson and Steve Zuckerman
Resource Center

Mary O’Donnell
Center for Neurorehabilitation

Lynn Safenowitz (Sargent ’84)
Occupational Therapy

Eric Steenburgh (CAS ’92, Sargent ’98)
Physical Therapy

Cristin E. Taylor (Sargent ’04)
Athletic Training

Steven Windwer (Sargent ’85)
Physical Therapy

Kevin Wright (Sargent ’93) Applied Physiology

Lisa Ying (Parent, Sargent ‘23)