Admission Requirements

Students have the opportunity to apply to this early admission program after completing two years of undergraduate study.

Admission Requirements

Please submit the following to

  • Academic record (unofficial transcript for April 1 submission date)
  • Three letters of recommendation (at least one of which should be from either a science professor or research supervisor); recommendations should be submitted directly to the email address above.
  • An interview
  • Personal statement – include the following:
    • Why are you interested in this program?
    • How does this program fit with your career goals?
    • What makes you a good fit for this program?
  • Resume
    • Work Experience
    • Research Experience
    • Involvement in college
    • Community activities

A minimum 3.2 GPA is required.  Additional requirements for admission include one year of general chemistry, one year of organic chemistry (CAS CH203 and CAS CH214 is recommended), and one year of general biology to be completed by the end of sophomore year.

Faculty will look for evidence of a student’s curiosity, responsibility, integrity, and maturity in the application documents. Matching the student’s interests with an appropriate research mentor is also a consideration.

Application Deadline

Applications must be submitted by April 1 of your sophomore year. An official transcript must be submitted no later than June 1 and a decision will be made by July 1.  Acceptance into the program begins in the fall semester of junior year.