BU College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences: Sargent College offers a minor in public health in collaboration with BU School of Public Health. The public health minor is open to all Boston University undergraduate students on the Charles River Campus. Approval of the minor is through the Health Science Program Office located at 635 Commonwealth Avenue, room 405, phminor@bu.edu.

Public Health Minor Requirements

Students must complete a minimum of six (6) courses to fulfill the public health minor requirements. This is achieved by taking four (4) required courses (Introduction to Public Health, a course in International Health, a course in Epidemiology, and a course in Statistics). The remaining two (2) courses will be selected from the list of public health electives (below). Students must earn a grade of B- or better in PH 510 Introduction to Public Health and a C or better in the remaining courses.

The Following Four Courses are Required

1. The following Introduction to Public Health course:


2. One of the following International Health courses:*

*Any of these courses not taken to fulfill the International Health requirement may be applied towards the Public Health Elective requirement

3. The following Epidemiology course:


4. One of the following Statistics courses:

Two courses from the following list of Public Health electives are required