Specialty Areas

In the MS in Human Physiology program, you’ll have the opportunity to select a specialized area for research and study. As part of our broad course requirements, we offer two distinct concentrations so you can choose the track that’s right for you: Research or Preclinical Accelerated.

But whatever you study, the program is really about you.

For those in the preclinical and research tracks, you design the curriculum based on your own academic interests, professional experience, and career objectives. Working with a faculty advisor, you schedule the required courses, pick your electives, and decide on directed study, research, and professional or teaching experiences. You choose a project that fascinates you for your critical literature review (for those selecting the one-year Preclinical Accelerated track) or thesis (part of the two-year degree requirements for those pursuing the Research track).

We aim to provide one of the most dynamic, flexible, and exciting environments anywhere to prepare for further study in medicine, biology, physiology, or neuroscience. If you want to pursue a career in biomedical research, follow a clinical career path in a hospital, pharmaceutical, or biotechnology setting, the MS in Human Physiology is a great way to get there.

In addition to flexibility, this Sargent College program offers two other major advantages:

  • Boston University. At one of the world’s great research institutions, you’ll be surrounded by a rare variety of cutting-edge research—much of it interdisciplinary. Sargent College alone receives more than $18 million in outside funding, making it among the most highly funded colleges at BU.
  • Boston itself. This vibrant city is teeming with healthcare and research opportunities. Boston ranks as the number one city in the country for medical universities and top-ranking hospitals. Greater Boston is home to over 1,000 biotech companies. Altogether Boston is home to a rich and diverse community of scientists and clinicians and many, many opportunities for experience.

Values and Commitment Statement

We the Boston University Human Physiology faculty, affirm unequivocally that Black Lives Matter. We condemn the brutality and killing that Black people have been subjected to by police and other members of American society, not only recently but across many centuries.  We also acknowledge that the health care, educational, and social systems where we live, learn as students, and work as professionals, are imbued with the racism, gender and other inequities of the larger society.  We commit ourselves to sustained efforts to bring about change in our program so that we are not perpetuating this injustice.

We are committed to promoting diversity and equity in science and acknowledge the underrepresentation of many racial and ethnic, disability, economically disadvantaged, and/or LGBTQIA+ identities in the scientific community. We strive to:

  • Prepare emerging scientists and clinicians who advocate for access, inclusion, equity,
    belongingness, pluralism, and social justice and demonstrate cultural critical
  • Collaborate with our students to provide inclusive teaching and learning practices.
  • Welcome students from underrepresented backgrounds into the scientific community
    and support all students growth as scientists

Want to learn more?

We invite you to introduce yourself by filling out the Request Information form. You can also contact us by email at sargrad@bu.edu.