A laboratory visitor is any person who is not assigned to work in the laboratory space on a regular basis. To protect the visitor and reduce the risk to the University, the following guidelines for visitors to laboratories should be followed:

  • No person under the age of 18 should be allowed to visit a laboratory without the expressed, written permission of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS). Please see EHS Policy on Minors in Laboratories. Contact EHSEnvironmental Health & Safety for more information.   
  • All visitors must be escorted and supervised by laboratory personnel at all times while the visitor is in the laboratory.
  • Visitors to the laboratory are expected to follow the same requirements as the laboratory workers in regards to such items as personal protective equipment (PPE), proper dress, food and drink, etc.
  • A student or other person regularly visiting the lab, even if just as a volunteer, should follow the requirements for a laboratory worker laid out in this plan, including the training requirements.

For BU personnel visiting other universities or research institutions

At times, other universities and research facilities may require a visiting BU faculty or research staff member to sign a Visitor Participation Agreement (VPA) form. This form is provided by the host institution. It should be reviewed by the visiting individual and signed by the appropriate parties. If the form requires the signature of the Vice President and Associate Provost for Research, please send the form as a PDF to Linda Martin.