BU’s SharePoint site for Conflict of Interest (COIConflict of Interest Learn about BU's Financial Conflict ...) disclosures retires this spring and transitions to Huron COI.

The switch to Huron COI should improve user experience and the disclosure process for investigators. BU researchers who work with animals will already be familiar with Huron from the IACUCInstitutional Animal Care and Use Committee IACUC oversee... and AOps modules.

What’s new

On the new system, researchers will be able to:

  • Disclose potential conflicts of interest: disclosures apply to all projects — no longer disclose separately for each proposal
  • See determinations of conflict
  • Review any management plans required
  • Affiliate with projects and funding proposals
  • Add research personnel to a project
  • Check COI training expiration dates
  • Follow the review process for their disclosures

The new disclosure system integrates with Sponsored Programs — investigators will not need to re-enter information from funding proposals (e.g., the Proposal Summary Form). Instead, projects submitted to Sponsored Programs will be imported each day, then PIs will add research personnel in Huron. It also integrates with CITI, so users will be able to check their COI training compliance within the disclosure system.

Leading up to the Huron COI launch in mid-March, we will add tutorials, trainings, and resources here so you can be ready to use the new system immediately.

Before Launch

We ask you to complete the following tasks by February 1, 2023, to ensure your data migrates successfully to the new system:

  1. Update any necessary disclosures on SharePoint so your updated data migrates to the new system.
  2. Update your CITI COI training:
    • Set your “institutional email” to your BU email address (@bu.edu) to ensure your training record migrates to Huron (Profile à Institutional Profiles à Edit Profile à Institutional Email Address).
    • If training is expired, complete the Refresher COI course.
  3. PIs with external investigators: Request/renew sponsored affiliate account for all external (non-BU) investigators on your team.

After Launch

Once Huron COI goes live, investigators required to disclose potential conflicts of interest will be prompted to log in and complete their disclosure profiles. COI will no longer accept paper disclosures from any investigators — researchers must complete all COI disclosures on Huron COI.

We will offer several zoom training sessions in the first month (stay tuned for sign-up information) covering the basics of the new system.

If you have no changes to your disclosures:

  • Review your disclosures (check that the information migrated correctly, and nothing is missing)
  • Certify that the information is correct
  • Complete your profile update

If you need to update your disclosures:

  • Add or adjust any entity disclosures (e.g., sponsored travel, equity, outside employment, prizes)
  • Review all disclosures
  • Certify that the information is correct
  • Complete your profile update

Once complete, you will update disclosures annually and/or when added to projects requiring disclosure, like the retiring system.

Further information

Follow this post and the COI page on Research Support. We will add trainings, resources, and guides leading up to the launch.

Please email coi@bu.edu with any questions about Huron COI and the transition. Include “Questions about Huron Disclosure System” in the subject line.