Proposal deadline reminders as we approach intersession 2016

Faculty and Administrators,
We know that many of you are working on proposals due this week and some due immediately upon return from intersession on January 3. As we all work to wrap up the semester, we advise the following timelines to ensure timely proposal submission.

For proposals due this week:
Please provide your final application to Sponsored Programs as early as possible, ideally 3-5 days prior to the deadline.

For proposals due December 24-January 2:
It is strongly advised that you provide your final application to Sponsored Programs by Wednesday, December 22 (at the latest). SP staff will not be available during Intersession.

For proposals due January 3 and 4:
If you can provide your proposal to Sponsored Programs prior to intersession that would be greatly appreciated, otherwise please submit early the morning of January 3. If complex proposals are due on January 3 or 4, we strongly advise that you get them to your Sponsored Programs Administrator by Wednesday, December 22.

For proposals due January 5 onward:
Please provide according to the Proposal Submission policy (5 days for administrative components | 3 days for technical components).

Due to the detailed nature of the review process and potential time for edits and system validation, proposals that do not arrive with at least 3 business days for Sponsored Programs review may not be able to be submitted on time.

We wish everyone a restful intersession and a Happy New Year. We look forward to supporting you and your research in 2017!

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